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Sales agent

Is sales your thing? Become our business partner and develop your skills in the TSL industry. Schedule an appointment with us so that we can talk about your expectations. In this position you will gain experience in working with large forwarding, logistics, and transport companies. You will deepen your knowledge about how our systems work, and you will be responsible for efficiently determining the client's needs and offering solutions that we are able to provide.

Installation technique

Do you like technical tasks? Do you enjoy being surrounded by new technologies? This position may be your dream job! If you think that you’re a top professional, interested in the TSL industry who wants to learn by doing what you like, please contact us. Our specialists will determine whether you are the right person for this job and will quickly integrate you into the world of technical issues. You will learn from the best, working on a variety of our systems in the largest companies in the TSL industry!

Other forms of cooperation

Do you have a lot of interesting ideas to support our company? Are you eager to innovate and work on new features for our system? We embrace people with courage, especially those who bring positive energy, as well as unique ideas and creative solutions to our company. If you haven't found a position for yourself among those listed above, but are sure that you could impact Plusfleet in becoming an even better tool, contact us. We are happy to consider new ideas. Let’s analyze how we can best use your creativity within our team.

Earn a command

Would you like to profit from the cooperation with PLUSFLEET? Especially for you, we have created a program that can be your additional source of income. You will find out what benefits you can derive for your company.

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